Who We Are?

WP Academy is an initiative of 2 young WordPress lovers from Pakistan. We created this platform to distribute our years of experience among the newcomers, so they can start their career with WordPress & web development in general. We are working with the tech industry from over a decade and we have created thousands of websites and established the online presence of hundreds of businesses so far. 

Mian Shahzad Raza

 Full Stack Web Developer from Lahore, Pakistan.  WordPress Theme & Plugin Developer at StyloThemesThemeOy  Translation Contributor & Editor  at WordPress Co-Founder and Lead Developer at EpicWoo   Building Websites and Plugins Since 2011  Part-Time Open-Source Contributor 👨‍🏫 Teaching Online Since 2013   Love Playing Some Dota2 

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Inaamul Haq Mansoor

Master Trainer at eRozgar Program by Punjab Govt. Director, Digital Marketing at C-AtraX. CEO & Founder at Tech Mentions. CEO & Founder at EpicWoo

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Our Mission

We came with a single and straight forward mission, to empower our young generation with a skill that they can use to earn a handsome living for themselves and their families.

Our youth is passionate to learn, and they have different preferences. Some of them want to dig deeper into the code and some of them want to go all in with designing without messing with code. And there are some folks looking for quick and easy ways 😉 

So we decided to make courses and tutorials for everyone! You can either learn to build custom themes & plugins or you can start creating websites without code with the help of drag and drop page builders such as Elementor. You can also get your hands onto quick guides that you can use to sell small services on freelancing platforms such as fiverr.

We have everything in our native language, Urdu. Or friends from India can also learn, because Hindi is not much different from Urdu (while speaking). Start your journey with WPacademy, we have plenty of free WordPress Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi.