WordPress Theme Development for Beginners

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Learn WordPress Theme Development in Urdu & Hindi From Scratch

WordPress is now powering ~34% of the internet, and have a market share of ~60% between CMS applications. Due to these huge percentages, WordPress theme development has become a great source of earning. Therefore, you can create themes for clients or sell them on different marketplaces. In this course, you will Learn WordPress Theme Development in Urdu Theme Development in Urdu/Hindi.

This course will cover all the basics of coding a WordPress theme from scratch. Lessons are easy to understand with the high quality of videos and audio. We will create a basic WordPress theme with customizer management.

Not only a basic WordPress theme, but we will also teach you how to convert an HTML template into a WordPress theme with complete customizer options.


Following skills & knowledge is required in order to take this course. You must have at-least basic understanding of all of these.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery

Course Features

  • Lectures 20
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 7 Hours
  • Skill level Intermediate
  • Language Urdu, Hindi
  • Students 899
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes


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    Thanks for everything May God bless you

    it is a great pleasure to watch !!

    Thanks You Sir

    Hello sir I can't explain how much I appreciate your work. Thanks so much for sharing Knowledge with us. I learning many things from here about wordpress.

    Lesson 15

    Hi sir, Please i am not able to watch lesson 15 on wordpress theme development, saying content block


    hi sir I can't explain how much I appreciate your work. Thanks so much for sharing. I have just finished the 12th video and my confidence using both have rocketed. The videos are very clear step-by-step instructions on building a wordpress website. An on top of that, Sir if you provide all the files available to download so that I could check small things that maybe I missed while following the videos.? lots of love from india. Have a good day. cheer for you.? and i want to ask how to show relative post into single post and i want to show four relative post...... the next the same thing can be done to the custom post are also or not thanks for your share great knowledge with us.


    Great course with valuable knowledge and information! It would be better if the course being updated with videos or notes on how to build the Wordpress Theme functionality on the newer Wordpress and Bootstrap versions. However my problem solving and debugging skills improved by trying to solve those issues I ran in, haha. Overall it's still a worth taking course that I would recommend to others!

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