5 Online Businesses to Start in 2020 – Free Course

Top 5 businesses to start in 2020 and beyond. Learn these new skills and start most demanding businesses of 2020.
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Welcome to this amazing course of 2020. In this course, we will teach you 5 online businesses to start in 2020 and beyond. Technology is changing rapidly, and you must adapt to new trends to stay in the market.

The year 2020 so far has been difficult for everyone due to COVID, but humanity must prevail and we must find new ways to grow and survive. As part of our continued effort to make free education available to everyone, we brought this amazing course for you to learn new skills.

We will discuss 5 different ideas that you can use to start online businesses in 2020. It is very easy to get started and we explained everything you need to know about starting these businesses. It is a very practical course, not just slides or information, you will see a hands-on practice in 10 different videos 2 videos dedicated to each topic.


You will learn 5 amazing skills that you can use to earn money from various freelancing marketplaces. These skills include:

  • Creating and selling Alexa’s skills.
  • Create and sell videos and video ads for businesses.
  • Flip domains and sites.
  • Creating and selling online courses.
  • Start the membership site.

So let’s enroll in the course and learn about the best 5 Online Businesses to Start in 2020.


Alexa Developer Console | InVideo | Flippa

You need to have existing freelancing, marketing, and web design + development experience to take this course.

Sohail Choudhry

5.0 rating
June 12, 2020

I am Sohail From Lahore, InaamUl Haq Is Really Inspiration And Ray Of Hope For All Who Seeking Emerging Technologies in IT Industry, He is One Of The Real Mentor Who I know In Recent Times… I really Thanks AN d Do Appreciate Inaam And WPAcademy For These Free Resources For Pakistani Nation And People To Fulfill Their Thrust of Knowledge.


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