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    Sir i am developing plugin for WordPress. i want to insert one/specific custom post type in table. When i click submit button all custom post insert or only top most post inserts. Kindly tell me how can i submit only specific custom post type so i can submit that one instead of all. Thank You


    Please explain your scope, I do not understand what you are trying to ask here.


    Asalam O Alikum,

    I am developing plugin for user registration in which user can sign up, sign in and then choose different packages then it will lead to user dashboard. For packages i create custom post type and display it on a custom template file.
    With submission of package i also insert it in a table. Problem is when i submit any package that is custom post it will submit or insert top most package not that specific package that i click. Tell me how can i submit data of specific package / post to table through post id. when i click any one of post all posts shows insert successfully message and top most post data insert into database table. Kindly tell any solution and please reply on course forum. i have posted question there about PSD to WP course.
    Thank You

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