WordPress Theme Development for Beginners

Learn WordPress Theme Development in Urdu & Hindi from scratch. Complete course with exercise files, quizzes and support forums.
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WordPress is now powering ~34% of the internet, and have a market share of ~60% between CMS applications. Due to these huge percentages, WordPress theme development has become a great source of earning. Therefore, you can create themes for clients or sell them on different marketplaces. In this course, you will learn WordPress Theme Development in Urdu Theme Development in Urdu/Hindi.

This course will cover all the basics of coding a WordPress theme from scratch. Lessons are easy to understand with the high quality of videos and audio. We will create a basic WordPress theme with customizer management.


In this free course of WordPress Theme Development in Urdu for beginners you will learn:
  • Basics of WordPress Themes
  • Standard Template Files & Structure
  • Coding a Basic Theme
  • Using Customizer API
  • Converting an HTML Template into a WordPress Theme
  • & Much more knowledge related to developing a theme.

Following skills & knowledge is required in order to take this course. You must have at least basic understanding of all of these.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery


5.0 rating
June 24, 2020

Good lecture and understandable. Discuss all functionality. all the lecture briefly describe …

Ch Usman

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