7 Steps WordPress Website Security – Free Crash Course

Your website is as important as your offline business, you must secure it. We will cover complete WordPress website security in this crash course. Learn how to secure your WordPress website.
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Your website is as important as your offline business or your local assets. It can be stolen, damaged, or deleted entirely by someone who wants to hurt your business. So as you secure your local business or assets, you must secure your online business or website as well.

WordPress Website Security

Because you are not the only one at risk, the people who have created accounts on your website or have signed up for your services are in danger as well. And you will be held responsible if their information was stolen via your website. That’s why Website security is important and you should secure your WordPress website.


In this crash course, you will learn complete WordPress website security methods to secure your website as much as possible. We will cover the following topics:

  • Backdoor Protection
  • Web Hosting
  • Hide WP Login
  • Security Plugins
  • 2 Step Authorization
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Password Protection


Best & Secure Hosting for WordPress | Learn Basic WordPress in Urdu & Hindi

You must have a basic understanding of WordPress and how to create websites using WordPress.

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