How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress & Elementor

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 Custom fonts are needed in many cases and especially if you have a unique website design with your own choice of custom/premium fonts. Adding fonts to your website design is easy when designing it in desktop software/applications.  But it’s not so straight-forward when you want to display them in a web browser. In  this lecture we will add custom fonts in WordPress.

 We have covered an easy solution that you can use to add custom fonts in WordPress website. These custom fonts are then automatically listed in page builder plugins such as Elementor & Beaver. And if it’s not available in your theme or page builder then you can always go with a  cow-boy style and put a little CSS in your customizer and you are good to go!

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You need to install a Plugin to add custom fonts in WordPress. Below mentioned are some resources that are used in this guide. 

Download Free Fonts | Convert Web Fonts Online | Custom Fonts Plugin


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