Event Listing & Ticket Selling Website

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Want to create event management and ticket selling websites like Eventbrite or Bookme? if yes, then continue watching this series. In this series, we will create a complete event listing website with #WordPress #Elementor & #WPEventManager.

Event listing and ticket selling through websites is a huge source of passive income that you can generate with some effort. You can earn through advertisements, sponsored listings or even by selling tickets online.

We will cover everything you need to create a professional event listing website. WP Event Manager is not only an event listing plugin. It also provides a powerful feature that lets everyone post and manage events through your website.

Some key points that we will cover in this series

What you should know before starting this series

Before you start this series, make sure you have the basic knowledge of WordPress & Elementor. You can learn WordPress and Elementor for Free from WPAcademy. We have provides links to the relevant courses below.


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