Create Custom WooCommerce Widget – Urdu Video Tutorial

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Are you trying to create a Custom WooCommerce widget and does not know how to do it? or where to start? or you simply don’t understand the tutorials in English or other languages? then you have landed on a right place! WPacademy.PK make WordPress related tutorial in Urdu language so you can learn with ease! in this tutorial we will learn how to create a Custom WooCommerce widget which displays latest products or products from a specific category.

This tutorial is the beginning of a series which we are going to start soon, we will teach you how to build custom WooCommerce themes so stay tuned on that. Meanwhile make sure you have watched all of our previous WordPress theme development related tutorials. They will help you understand the next lectures.

Stuck somewhere? want to take a look at what we have built? then get the code down below! But use it only for learning purpose, don’t just copy/paste it. Watch the lecture and write code of your own, tackle the problems on your own this will help you remember how it’s actually done!

Get the complete code of widget with category select box


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