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100+ Free Resources for Designers and Developers


Free Resources for Designers & Developers

Free Resources for Designers

When designing or developing we often need ready-made graphics, templates or any kind of media resources to use into our websites or designs. Or sometimes we need inspirations to create designs or websites. But simply downloading stuff from google or pinterest can get us into troubles of copyrights. 

But there are 100s of websites from we can get high quality assets without any copyright issue and absolutely free. But finding those resources can  be hard sometimes or you may not remember all of them. So i have complied a list of resources that i use in my projects and daily routine designs, tutorials and blog posts.

These all are 100% risk & copyright free resources that you can use in personal or commercial projects. In very rare cases you may have to credit the author in your commercial projects and i believe that is completely fine. The list is divided into multiple sections.

Table of Contents

Pictures are heart and soul of any blog or website and finding high quality pictures without copyright issues is sometimes very hard. Websites listed below are the solution to your problems. They provide high quality copyright-free images that you can use freely on your websites or blogs.

Looking for high quality video footage for your personal or commercial projects? then these websites might push you a step further with high quality copyright-free video footage and animations that you can use in your videos or promotions.

If you are a graphic designer and looking for great deign inspirations or ready made templates/vectors to use in your designs without the hassle of getting copyright infringements on your designs then these free resources for designers can help you a lot. 

Icons and fonts are the visual representation of your design and content. Sometimes you need a more customized look of your design or website that you can achieve by using unique fonts and icons. These websites provide free and high quality icons and fonts for your websites and designs.

These are the most essential resources especially for developers and websites designers. Free templates, scripts and different libraries to build your next project with a huge head-start. I use many of these libraries in my professional projects.

Well, the list goes on. There are more mixed resources mentioned below that are useful for many individuals. We will keep adding new resources in this list of free resources for designers and developers. Have something to add? you can comment your resource in the comments section at the end of this post.

I hope these free resources for designers and developers will help many of you just like me. I have spent hours curating this list for you guys so you can have everything at one place, feel free to bookmark this URL. I have tried to make sure that every resource is free to use for personal and commercial projects. However, errors are expected. You can let me know if anything is broken or not free, i will try my best to get it fixed ASAP. 

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